Couplings are essential devices used to connect to another hose or another piece of equipment. Seal Fast, Inc. is a dependable source of these connectors, and we can provide superior solutions to many industries and their respective applications. Depending on the coupling’s purpose, we have many options for our clients to choose from.

Various Types of Couplings

House couplings are made of varied material types and are located at the end of a hose to attach to another hose or appliance. In industrial applications, these are used to transport varying materials at different pressures.

Below are the common coupling types we offer at Seal Fast:

  • Cam and groove
    • Cam and groove Also known as cam and groove fittings or cam lock connectors, these devices are mated with a male and female half that can be connected and disconnected quickly while forming a secure seal.
  • API/fuel tanker
    • API/fuel tanker These couplings are designed to attach the hose on the tanker’s bottom loading adaptor. They require replacements over time since they wear quickly.
  • Dry disconnect
  • Pin lug shank couplings
  • Bauer type
    • Bauer type  Bauer-type connectors provide a quick and convenient connection for joining many lengths of hoses together. The male Bauer is placed into the female Bauer and sealed with a level closure ring.
  • Ring lock
    • Ring lock This consists of a particular ring-locking mechanism that can lock and disconnect the plug to and from the coupler.
  • Pneumatic quick connects
  • Hydraulics
    • Hydraulics These types of fittings provide connections between hoses and pipes in hydraulic systems.

Industrial Applications of Couplings

Our product selection consists of different couplings used in diverse applications. The suitable device will be based on the material transported through the hose, pressure requirements, connection type, and application-specific factors.

Some of the common industries and their respective applications include:

  • Agricultural: Irrigation systems utilize cam and groove coupler devices for crop and livestock watering.
  • Oil and gas: Fuel tanks use API/Fuel Tankers for an efficient transfer of gasoline and oil through duringloading and unloading processes.
  • Chemical: Dry disconnect couplers are used in chemical industries to prevent leaks and spills of hazardous elements during accidental hose release.
  • Water Processing: These industries rely on cam and groove couplings for their quick connection and disconnection capabilities, making it easier to change hoses.
  • Construction: 2 inch cam lock fittings are required to secure hoses and valves for numerous piping systems.

Regardless of the application, couplings like cam lock connectors are imperative in industries where hose connections are present. At Seal Fast, Inc., we can design and develop specialized connectors to meet your project’s needs and specifications.

Contact Sealfast For Your Coupling Applications

Seal Fast, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of couplings, valves, fittings, and hoses for an expansive range of industrial applications. For assistance identifying an ideal hose coupling for your operation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also request a product catalog to browse our selection of couplings and other sealing solutions.