A hose coupling is a special type of connector that connects to another hose or piece of equipment. A variety of industries rely on hose couplings, including water treatment, chemical, oil and gas, and more. Given their versatility, hose couplings come in many different material types, including brass, stainless steel or even plastic.

At Seal Fast, Inc., we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of hose couplings to meet any industrial need. This page will elaborate on our coupling offerings for various industries and applications.

Couplings From Seal Fast

At Sealfast, we’re proud to offer a wide range of different couplings for varying needs. Some of these include:

  • Cam and groove
    • Cam and groove Function with mated male female halves that lock together to form a seal.
  • API/fuel tanker
  • Dry disconnect
    • Dry disconnect Allow bottom loading and unloading of fuel from road tankers.
  • Pin lug shank couplings
    • Pin lug shank couplings An economical and convenient coupling option for light-duty liquid suction, as well as many discharge applications.
  • Bauer type
    • Bauer type Primarily used in the agricultural, construction and water processing industries. The male Bauer is placed into the female and secured with a level closure ring.
  • Ring lock
    • Ring lock A unique wire ring locking mechanism locks/disconnects the plug to/from the coupler.
  • Pneumatic quick connects
    • Pneumatic quick connects Used in pneumatic applications, such as connecting air tools, hoses, or other assets to compressed air supplies.
  • Hydraulics
    • Hydraulics Provide couplings for hoses, pipes within hydraulic systems.

Specialized Couplings

The couplings listed above are available in various materials, and with different thread sizing and location options. Hose couplings must create an airtight seal, so selection of the appropriate material and features is essential to proper performance in the end application. The ideal choice will be dictated by the material being transported in the hose, pressure requirements, connection requirements, and various other application-specific factors.

Some specialized coupling designs address specific operational challenges. For example:

  •  Instantaneous couplings are used in high-pressure water systems, such as fire hoses. These couplings connect using spring-operated catches that can withstand continuous exposure to high pressures over long periods. These couplings also flex with the hose and attach and disconnect easily.
  • Quick-release couplings can be quickly disconnected if necessary. These couplings are common in applications where safety concerns may arise that require fast disconnection.

Applications and Industries

Couplings have a place in a wide range of different applications and industries. For example:

  • Fluid transfer. Couplings provide essential connections for hoses and tubing found in systems that move water, chemicals, gases, and various other fluids. Hose couplings found in fluid transfer applications must often possess various corrosion and chemical resistances. Application examples might include tanker and fuel truck loading, firefighting, and industrial process systems.
  • Pneumatic. Pneumatic fittings need to have incredibly tight seals to prevent air leakage. These couplings see frequent use in compressed air systems and other gas transfer applications.

Contact Sealfast For Your Coupling Applications

Seal Fast, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of couplings, valves, fittings, and hoses for an expansive range of industrial applications. For assistance identifying an ideal hose coupling for your operation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also request a product catalog to browse our selection of couplings and other sealing solutions.