Seal Fast, Inc. is a leading source for different high-performance measuring gauge solutions used in diverse industries where monitoring pressure, temperature, moisture, and fluid levels is critical. These devices provide the necessary information to guarantee the efficiency of your systems and their performance.

Industrial Quality Gauges from Seal Fast

Gauges are special devices that can primarily measure a system’s temperature and pressure. These instruments are imperative in applications where knowing specific information regarding these parameters is essential, whether it’s to maintain safety or for maintenance purposes.

Seal Fast, Inc. offers a wide range of superior measuring gauges for various industries, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical processing, and more. Crucial information relayed by the gauges can determine if a system is operating at its peak performance or if an issue requires immediate attention.

Types of Monitoring Gauges

At Seal Fast, Inc., we offer mechanical gauges designed to provide efficient reading in multiple controlling and monitoring applications. These gauges are available in multiple configurations and designs. Below are the products we offer:

  • Thermometer
    • Thermometers and Temperature Gauges: Accurate measurements of temperature gradients and their fluctuations are determined using a thermometer or temperature gauge. Unlike a digital temperature gauge, where the numbers are displayed on a screen, analogs use a needle on the scale to show the temperature.
  • Dry Gauges
    • Dry Gauges: A dry gauge measures pressure in industrial systems with low moisture levels. It contains no liquid and is used in systems without mechanical vibrations.
  • Liquid Filled Gauges
    • Liquid-Filled Gauges: In applications where there are high levels of shock and vibrations, liquid-filled gauges are the best solution due to their ability to provide precise measurements due to the liquid being able to dampen the vibrations.
  • Heavy Duty Liquid Filled Gauge
    • Heavy Duty Liquid-Filled Gauges: High dynamic shock and vibration loading systems rely on heavy-duty liquid-filled gauges for their ability to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, impact, and vibration common in heavy-duty industrial machineries.
  • Panel Mount Liquid Filled Gauges
    • Panel-Mount, Liquid-Filled Gauges: For maximum visibility and easier access in settings with excessive pulsations and vibrations, a panel-mounted liquid-filled gauge is the best option.
  • Process Gauges
    • Process Gauges:  Industries with extreme environments and severe applications commonly use a process gauge constructed to resist corrosive elements and chemicals.
  • Ammonia Gauge
    • Ammonia Gauges: An ammonia gauge is a specially developed measuring device used to measure ammonia refrigerant pressure and its corresponding temperature.
  • Oxygen Pressure Gauge
    • Oxygen Gauges:  Common in hydraulic systems, an oxygen gauges measures the internal and outgoing pressure in oxygen tanks.

We also have numerous gauge accessories accompanying these gauges, such as thermowells, siphons, pressure snubbers, and needle valves. These will improve your gauge’s accuracy and give you more control over your system.


Seal Fast offers a variety of gauge accessories designed to enhance the operation of different types of gauges. Our gauge accessories include: 

  • Thermowells: Seal Fast thermowells are engineered to protect temperature sensors such as thermocouples, thermistors, and bimetal thermometers from pressure, impact, abrasion, and corrosion.
  • Siphons: Siphons protect pressure sensors from steam and other high-temperature media.
  • Pressure SnubbersOur pressure snubbers are designed to moderate pressure fluctuations caused by reciprocating pumps, in order to ensure reading accuracy. 
  • Needle ValvesNeedle valves are an excellent option for applications with variable flow. They provide flow regulation, in order to enhance operational efficiency and speed in general industrial applications.

Types of Gauges

Pressure gauges are available in a wide variety of designs and configurations, depending on their intended use. They can be used to measure several types of pressure, including atmospheric, absolute, differential, and overpressure. Gauges are divided into two distinct categories: analog and digital. 

  • Analog gauges are the most traditional design, with mechanical devices and needles used to convey pressure values. They are highly dependable, and are ideal for applications in which the standard operating pressure is approximately half the gauge’s full capacity. 
  • Digital gauges use electronic equipment coupled with diaphragms, strain gauges, and other sensors. Rather than using an analog display, they use a digital display that is ideal for applications requiring a high degree of precision in their readings. 

Typical Applications of Gauges

A specific type of gauge is used depending on its application. Some examples include:

  • Hydraulics: Hydraulic systems utilize oxygen gauges to ensure smooth operation of the hydraulic system.
  • Food & Beverage: Temperature gauge and pressure control are imperative in maintaining product quality output.
  • Industrial: Industrial processes require pressure and temperature gauge solutions to guarantee the safety of industrial operations.
  • Machinery: Heavy machinery and equipment rely on pressure gauges to ensure safe handling, especially in stressful conditions.
  • Petrochemical: A process gauge can monitor highly volatile and highly reactive chemicals, minimizing the risk of any potential hazards.

Choose Us to Deliver Superior Gauge Devices

Seal Fast, Inc. has provided reliable and high-quality industrial gauges for different industries and their respective applications. These instruments are critical in applications where temperature and pressure should be closely monitored, and we have a complete line of gauges you can choose from.

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