Hoses are essential equipment in various industries, from agriculture to manufacturing. However, hoses are also subject to wear and tear and can be damaged by exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. As a result, hose protection is an essential consideration for businesses that rely on hoses. 

At Seal Fast Inc., we offer a range of hose protection products, from hose covers to hose reels.      Whether you need to protect your hoses from the elements or damage during use, we have the products you need. 

HOSE and HOSE Protection from Seal Fast 

The wide range of hoses and hose protection available at Seal Fast includes: 

Industrial Rubber

An industrial rubber hose is a flexible pipe that transfers fluid from one point to another. The hose comprises two parts: the inner tube responsible for carrying the fluid; and the outer layer, which protects the inner tube from abrasion and UV rays. 

Thermoplastic Hose 

A thermoplastic hose is a device used to transfer fluids or gases from one place to another. The hose comprises two parts: a tube and a cover. The tube is made of thermoplastic, resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. The cover is made of elastomeric material, which provides flexibility and strength. 

Fire Hose 

A fire hose has a wide diameter that transports water from a fire hydrant to a fire engine. A coupling mechanism connects the fire engine and the fire hose. The fire hose also includes a nozzle, which may be opened and shut to regulate the amount of water flowing through it. 


A hydraulic hose is a flexible pipe that moves hydraulic fluid between components in a hydraulic system. In this case, the inner tube, reinforcement layer, and cover are all synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber inner tubes are designed to be compatible with hydraulic fluid. The reinforcement layer is usually composed of spiral-wound wire or textile yarn. Synthetic rubber protects the hose from abrasion and weather damage by keeping it clean. 

Hose Protection 

Hoses are an essential part of any watering system, but they can be susceptible to damage from heat, sunlight, and sharp objects. Hose protection should keep your hose in good condition and extend its lifespan. Hose guards are available in various materials, including nylon, fiberglass, and silicone. 

Application and Industries

Hose and hose protection are incorporated into a wide range of industries and applications, including:  

  • Agricultural: Seal Fast hoses protect against UV rays, abrasion, and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. 
  • Construction: Seal Fast hose is one hose that you can count on. It is resilient and strong enough to survive heavy use. 
  • Pneumatic: Seal Fast hose is made of braided stainless steel and is designed to resist wear and tear. 
  • Mining: Mining is a hose-intensive industry, with applications ranging from water delivery to dust suppression. Hose assemblies are subject to abrasion, punctures, and cuts daily, and hose protection products help to minimize hose downtime and repair costs. 
  • Industrial: Seal Fast hoses are designed to extend the life of hoses and protect industrial rubber hoses from damage. 

The products are applied in many different ways, including: 

  • Air hose 
  • Water hose 
  • Fuel hose 
  • Chemical hose 
  • Material Handling hose 
  • Food hose 

We’re constantly innovating to serve all industries better 

With the ever-changing hose industry standards and customer demands, we at  

Seal Fast, Inc. is constantly innovating and expanding our product line to serve all industries better. 

Whether you need to protect your hoses from the elements or damage during use, Seal Fast has the products you need. 

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