hose fittings and accessoriesSeal Fast, Inc. is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of couplings, valves, and fittings. Camlock fittings are quick-disconnect fittings used in various industrial and commercial applications. We offer the most reliable way to connect and disconnect hoses, pipes, and other types of tubing. Camlock fittings are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, making them ideal for various applications.

Cam lock fittings are one of the several specialties of Seal Fast, Inc. Our cam locks are designed for maximum strength and durability, and our experts can help you find the right size and material for your application. With ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality assurance, we provide our valued customers with the highest quality couplings, valves, and fittings.


Types of Cam Lock Fittings at Seal Fast

Seal Fast offers a wide range of Camlock fittings to cater to your specific needs and applications:

  • Standard Camlock – We offer a wide selection of standard Camlock couplings that provide reliable and secure connections using different types of female and male connectors made from various materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, plated iron, etc.
  • Crimp Shank – These fittings come in various sizes and materials to fit any application, offering type C and E female and male couplers.
  • Self-locking – Seal Fast offers self-locking Camlock fittings for applications that require extra security and durability. These fittings are available in various sizes and materials.
  • Elbows – Seal Fast also offers Camlock elbow fittings that easily connect two hoses at a 90-degree angle.
  • BSPT – Seal Fast provides BSPT Camlock fittings for applications that require British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT) connection offering types A, B, D, and F female and male couplers.
  • Socket Weld – Designed for high-pressure applications, these fittings are available in various materials and offer type AW and DW specialty adapter fittings.

Sizes, Materials, and Threads


Seal fast offers various sizes ranging from 1/2 to 12 in.


  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polypropylene
  • Ny-glass


Seal Fast offers National Pipe Thread (NPT) and is designed with a taper to create a pressure-tight seal as the fitting is threaded onto the pipe. Seal Fast also offers threaded cam locks with British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT) threading.

Applications of a Cam Lock Fitting

Camlock fittings are often used in high-pressure, such as hydraulic systems. When correctly installed, camlock fittings provide a secure, leak-free connection that can be easily opened and closed as needed. 

Some of the standard applications include: 

  • Industrial Hoses: Camlock fittings easily connect industrial hoses for various applications.
  • Pumps: They are often used to quickly connect pumps and valves in industrial applications.
  • Chemical Tanks: Seal Fast cam locks can quickly connect chemical tanks for processing, storage, and transport.
  • Agricultural Irrigation: Camlock fittings are commonly used in agricultural irrigation systems for connecting hoses and tubing.
  • Fuel Lines: Cam locks are often used in fuel lines to easily connect and disconnect hoses, tanks, and other components.
  • Marine: Camlock fittings are used in marine applications such as the connection of fuel, water, and bilge hoses.
  • Food Processing: Seal Fast cam locks are used in food processing applications to provide a secure connection between hoses and other components.

The Leading Camlock Fittings Manufacturer in the Industry

Seal Fast, Inc. is the leading US manufacturer and distributor of Camlock fittings. Our team offers superior quality products and customer service that is second to none. We will provide you with a wide selection of sizes and materials to meet your needs.

Camlock fittings are an indispensable tool in many industrial and commercial applications. If you need reliable, high-quality Camlock fittings, Seal Fast, Inc. is the right choice for you.

Contact us for more information or request a catalog to find the appropriate size and materials of Camlock connectors for your application.