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Fast-Lok Tools

F38 Locking Tool F100 Locking Tool

F38 Locking Tool

Portable hand tool used to apply 3/8" & 5/8" Fast-Lok Clamps.

F100 Locking Tool (Rev. F-1)

Used to apply Punch Type Fast-Lok clamps. Completely with 3/8" adapter. Order mallet seperately.

F225 Mallet KS001 Tool

F225 Mallet

Used for punching of all Fast-Lok clamps.

KS001 Tool KA001 Adapter

Use for K Clamps, with adpater can be used on 3/4" K Clamps. Also, to apply clamp-it continuous strapping.

F175 Locking Tool F550 Clamp Cutter

F175 Locking Tool

Used to apply Fast Lok 3/4" wide performing clamps.


F550 Clamp Cutter

Used to remove clamps with minimum effort.


F40 Locking Tool C2 Orbitor Locking Tool

F40 Locking Tool

Use to apply Punch type 3/8" & 5/8" Fast-Lok clamps. Order Mallet seperately.


C2 Orbitor (Locking Tool)

Used to apply clamp-it continuous strapping up to 3/4" width.


F1580 Clamp Kit

F1580 Clamp Kit

Contains one F-40 Clamping Tool and 156 hi-carbon glavnaized clamps. Preformed sizes from 1-3/8" to 5" I.D. Open End Sizes from 2" to 6" I.D. Heavy Duty Metal Box.



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