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Anaerobic Sealing Compounds Pipe Sealants with Teflon

Anaerobic Sealing Compounds will withstand temperatures from -65 f to +375 f. seals to 1,000 psi immediately after application and up to burst rating of typical pipe after curing. due to its small particle size, will not clog small orifices, valve openings and screens typically found in most hydraulic systems.
Applications Include: Most metal threads, particularly steel and brass. Ideal for fittings, pipes, valves, gauges and connections in hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, steam and refrigerant systems. Inert to most industrial hazards and hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.) most acids, chemicals, solvents and gases.
Available In: 50 ml., 250 ml. tubes.

Features and Benefits:
  • Superior to other anaerobic sealants
  • Prevents vibration loosening
  • Does not plug up filters, valves, or gauges
  • Seals pipes-including 3" and larger
  • Lubricates, prevents corrosion, seizing and galling
  • Low locking strength provides for disassembly
  • Not volatile or flammable-ul approved
  • Allows easy adjustment up to 16 hours after assembly
Anaerobic Sealing Compound (standard grade)
Anaerobic Sealing Compound (standard grade) is an excellent general purpose pipe sealant that provides an instant permanent seal, that will cure in the absence of air, locking threads securely.
Part Number Description
22050 Anaerobic Sealing Compound 50 ml. Tube
22250 Anaerobic Sealing Compound 250 ml. Tube
Anaerobic-HD Sealing Compound (stainless steel grade)
Anaerobic-HD Sealing Compound (stainless steel grade) is specifically made for stainless steel alloy fittings. Heavy-Duty and faster curing than standard grade anaerobic.
Part Number Description
22151 Anaerobic Sealing Compound Heavy-Duty 50 ml. Tube
22152 Anaerobic Sealing Compound Heavy-Duty 250 ml. Tube

PTFE Joint Sealant

PTFE Joint Sealant

PTFE Joint Sealant is a 100% expanded ptfe gasket material. It comes in a soft, pliable ribbon with a self-adhesive tape applied to one side. It is a tough, flexible and economical universal gasket that replaces cut gaskets in a variety of regular and service applications. Ptfe joint sealant will not deteriorate with age. It is unaffected by common chemicals, will withstand pressures up to 3,000 psi and temperatures -450 f to +600 f (-268 c to +316 c). This unique material is highly compressible and will fill severe irregularities in sealing surfaces.

Applications Include: Flanges, pump & compressor housings, heat exchangers, manhole covers, on rough or irregular surfaces, frp vessels, steam vessel flanges concrete lids, glass joints, food service & processes Ptfe joint sealant is spooled in a range of sizes from 1 to 25 mm in diameter (3/64" to 1"). Cut material with scissors and apply to sealing surface. Self-adhesive strip will hold firmly in place.
Available in: spools of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4".diameters.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-adhesive-easy to work
  • Flanges part easily
  • No re-torquing required
  • Will not deteriorate with age
  • Resists cold flow and creep
  • Reduces inventory of cut gaskets
  • Meets FDA requirements
Part Number Description
28007 1/4" X 50' PTFE Joint Sealant
28010 3/8" X 25' PTFE Joint Sealant
28014 1/2" X 15' PTFE Joint Sealant
28020 3/4" X 15' PTFE Joint Sealant
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