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All-Purpose 4-Way™
Lubricant & Penetrating Oil

All-Purpose 4-Way

All-Purpose 4-Way is specially formulated to lubricate and penetrate, leaving parts with a protective anti-rust film. This quality lubricant protects metal parts which helps eliminate pounding and breakage during disassembly. All-Purpose 4-Way has no CFC's, chlorinated solvents or silicones.
Applications Include: Frozen nuts & bolts, auto and truck parts/engines, hand tools, farm equipment, marine engines, locks, hinges, fire arms, etc..
Available in: 12 oz. Aerosol (p/n 17061)
Features and Benefits:

  • Penetrates hard to reach places on contact
  • Frees and lubricates frozen and rusted parts
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion and protects metal surfaces
  • Displaces moisture
  • Cleans and degreases tools and equipment
  • Unique aerosol can be sprayed in any position
Part Number Description
17061 All-Purpose 4-Way Penetrant / Lubricant 12 oz. Aerosol

A.S.T. Penetrant II ™

A.S.T. Penetrant II

A.S.T. Penetrant II is a heavy-duty, industrial strength penetrant. It quickly penetrates deep through rust, scale and corrosion on frozen nuts and bolts, threaded connections, machinery and tools. Frees metal parts faster than all ordinary penetrant / lubricants. A.s.t. Penetrant ii has no cfc's chlorinated solvents or silicones.
Applications include: Heavily rusted and corroded nuts and bolts, heavy equipment, farm and marine equipment, pumps, valves and couplings. Also excellent for rusted hand tools, machinery linkages, pipe joints and screwed connections.
Available in: 12 oz. Aerosol (p/n 17063). * CFC free
Features and Benefits:

  • Deep penetrating action
  • Quickly attacks heavy rust, corrosion & mineral deposits
  • Frees metal parts faster than other penetrants
  • Reduces costs in time and labor
  • Eliminates excessive parts breakage Jet stream delivery allows precision spraying
Part Number Description
17063 A.S.T. Penetrant II 12 oz.

Chain and Cable Lube

Chain and Cable Lube

Chain and Cable Lube is a heavy duty lubricant for reducing friction and wear. It is a mixture of penetrants, anti-oxidants, oils and grease plus molybdenum disulfide which creeps into chain components and cable strands to provide excellent lubrication and rust protection. This lubricant forms a non-gumming thin film providing maximum lubrication and protection under severe conditions.
Applications include: Roller chains and drives, hoists and conveyors, wire rope and cable, chain saws, sprockets, land and roller assemblies, hinges and many outdoor/indoor applications.
Available in: 16 oz. Aerosol (p/n 17040). *CFC free
Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-purpose, heavy-duty lubricant
  • Montains molybdenum disulfide for added wear resistance
  • Thick foam penetrates and clings to all surfaces
  • Provides a non-gumming protective film
  • Can be applied while machinery is running
  • Displaces water, eliminating moisture & preventing corrosion
Part Number Description
17040 Chain & Cable Lubricant 16 oz.

Silicone Lubricant
(Industrial Grade)

Silicone Lubricant

Silicone Lubricant, industrial grade is a dry non-staining lubricant and release agent that makes everything slide easier with no greasy mess. This non-toxic, odorless and colorless lubricant allows unlimited uses. A universal dry lubricant that waterproofs, protects and rustproofs almost any surface. High viscous silicone. Resists breakdown under heavy loads or mechanical shear.
Applications include: Refrigeration equipment, plastic and rubber molds, doors, windows, locks, guides, rails, electronic equipment, conveyors, hinges, squeaky springs, lawn mower blades, molding, casting and stamping dies, aircraft, autos and boats, business machines and construction equipment.
Available in: 10 oz. Aerosol (p/n 17067). *CFC free
Features and Benefits:

  • 100% pure silicone
  • Not affected by temperature extreme: -40° f to +400° f (40° c to +204° c)
  • Provides a non-tacky film of lubrication
  • Provides excellent release properties for metallic and non-metallic surfaces
Part Number Description
17067 Silicone Lubricant Industrial Grade 10 oz.
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