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Adapter, Bottom-Loading
AAAdapter, Bottom-Loading Size PartNumber
4" 1004AA
Repair Kit RK1004AA

Features Of AA Bottom-Loading Valve:

  • Construction 2 pcs with TTMA 4" flange.
  • Heat treated aluminum alloy with stainless steel trim and
    Teflon* sleeve.
  • Meets API RP-1004 specifications.
  • Viton* Seals
*Viton & Teflon are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

Gravity, Handle Actuated Coupler
(Use with Part 1004AA)
Gravity, Handle Actuated Coupler
With self locking handles
Size PartNumber
4" X 4" 1004GH

Features Of Gravity, Handle Actuated Coupler :

  • Aluminum alloy construction with Self locking device.
  • Meets API RP-1004 specification protects poppet face of
    API head.
  • Cam handle and lug designed for one hand operation.
  • Buna-N Gasket standard.
  • Interchangeable with competitor's items made to the same

Pneumatic Air Interlock Valve
Pneumatic Air Interlock Valve Size PartNumber
Repair Kit 800
Valve 800-PA
Repair Kit 800-RK

Pneumatic Air Interlock Valve:

  • Brass forged body with all stainless steel components.
  • Adjustable contact pad and shaft accommodates
    competitive API's and other application.
  • 1/4" NPT installs pneumatic connection.
  • Can be installed as normally closed or open valve.
  • Can be installed as top side or bottom side (up side down)
    to connect API's bottom loading adapter or vapor recovery

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