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Pressure and Temperature Ratings

Replacement Gaskets: All Seal Fast couplers are supplied with Buna-N as standard. This sealing compound
may not be compatible with all applications.

The gasket materials listed below comprise a general guide to aid in the selection of the correct seal for customer application. Other factors must also be considered.

Buna-N: Color code Blue. Buna-N is standard. It is generally recommended for petroleum derivatives, natural or slightly acidic salt solutions, alcohols, ethers,glycols, fats, oils, and greases. This compound should give good serviceFrom -40 to +250 F.

Neoprene: Color code Red. Recommended for alkaline and acid salt solutions and aldehydes such as formaldehyde -65F to 250F.

Viton A: Color code Green. Recommended for aromatics, hydrocarbons liquidchlorine, carbon disulfide and molten sulfur. Viton A is not recommended for esters or the ketone family. This compound should offer good service -40F to 400F.

Teflon: The standard teflon gasket is an envelope type design having a neoprene core. Teflon is recommended for highly oxidizing fluids, esters, ketones,and otherliquids not generally handled by natural and synthetic rubbers.4443

Temperature Ratings
Gasket Material Temperature Rating in F
500 400 300 275 250 200 150 0
Buna N       checkmark       -40
Neoprene         checkmark     -65
Viton A   checkmark           -40
Silicone checkmark             -30
*Teflon checkmark             -40
Nat. Rubber           checkmark   -60
Butyl     checkmark         -40
Hypalon         checkmark     -65
EPDM             checkmark  
Maximum Pressures For All Metals
1/2" 125 PSI
3/4" Through 4" 150 PSI
5" through 6" 75 PSI
8" 20 PSI
*Recommendations based on use of mating fittings
at ambient temerature of 70 F with standard Buna-N seal
installed.For use at elevated temperatures or other
unusual operating conditions, conuslt SFI.
Maximum Pressures For
BANJO polypropylene, import
polypropylene and Nyglass.
At 0 F
" through 2" 100 PSI
3" through 4" 75 PSI
At 70 F
" through 2" 125 PSI
3" through 4" 75 PSI
At 150 F
" through 2" 70 PSI
3" through 4" 75 PSI
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